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Take complete control of your event listing in Mission Control

Create & Customize

Create and edit new and existing events without an approval process. Upload images and videos, update locations, manage descriptions and start selling tickets immediately.


Easily track sales for all of your upcoming events as soon as you log in.


Branded Event Portals

Showcase all of your upcoming events in your own event portal. Upload your own logos and customize background colors and images.

Enhanced Data Collection

Need to collect more information from your purchasers than just name and email address? Pick what questions you need answered, such as ADA accessibility, birth date, gender, company name, traffic and band referral, t-shirt size, and more.

Order Confirmation Text

Customize the text on the confirmation page and receipts to provide your customers with additional information after checkout: parking instructions, additional registration notes, simple event FAQs, and more.

Terms and Conditions

Add custom terms and conditions to your event that ticket purchasers must read and agree to prior to checkout. No refunds? Rain or shine? Make sure ticket holders are informed prior to purchase.

Extensive Coupon Management

Create single coupons or upload in bulk. Limit your coupons to certain ticket types, uses per order, and total universal uses.


Collect and manage additional donations from your customer's during purchase.

My Customers

Quickly export customer data from all of your events, such as name, email, and billing address.

Ticket Widget

Embed our widget on your event's website. Customers can select tickets on your webpage, and then proceed to MissionTix to securely process payment.

Frequently Asked Questions


You can create a new seller account here. Add your email address (please use an email address you check regularly), create a password, and confirm you're not a robot by selecting the captcha. After creating your account, MissionTix will take you to your profile page.


Create ticket details that are as dynamic as your event by using advanced options. Advanced options can be enabled at the ticket type level when creating or editing an event under "Ticket Types" and "Advanced Options". Collect additional customer data.


Create and manage custom tracking links to determine what online sources are generating the most traffic and revenues. When you create a tracking link, a unique URL is generated for your event listing by adding a "token" to the web address. When visitors to your MissionTix event come from a tracking link, MissionTix sees the token and separates that traffic out so you can see how effective that link was.


Settlement reports make it easy to access and manage the finances of your event. To access your settlement report go to Mission Control and open the event settings by clicking on the orange gear icon. Select "Settlement Report" from the drop-down menu. MissionTix begins processing payments the Monday following your event, but event organizers can download the settlement report at any time.